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Tasty walks 

With the story 'A dog of Flanders' as a guideline, we explore the greenest district of Antwerp.

We stop at Hoboken's beautiful heritage. At the end of the tour, the participants are completely at home in the world of Nello and Patrasche.
The walk takes about 90 minutes. We take into account the speed and possibilities of the group.


After the walk, the set tables are ready to eat. 
Every participant enjoys
- a Nello Blond or a Patrasche Dubbel or another drink in consultation with the manager,
- a double sandwich Nello bread with Nello cheese,
- a box with two Nello and Patrasche chocolates.

smakelijke wandeling door Hoboken
Nello kaas, Patrasche donker en Nello  licht
smakelijke wandeling door Hoboken
smakelijke wandeling door Hoboken
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