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The story in a nutshell

Nello and his faithful dog Patrasche live in Hoboken with grandfather Jehan. Every day they bring fresh milk from the farms in the village to the citizens in the city.

The boy and his dog become best friends with Aloïse, the miller's daughter.

But the man is not satisfied with the friendship between his daughter and Nello.

During his visits to the Antwerp cathedral, Nello is full of admiration for the paintings of Rubens. It makes him sad when it turns out that he can only see 'The Raising of the Cross' and 'The Descent from the Cross' for a fee.


Nello, Patrasche en opa met de groene hondenkar
Nello en Patrasche

Nello is good at drawing. One day he sees an opportunity to show his talent in a drawing competition. The winner can study for free at the art academy.


One night the mill burns down. The miller blames Nello for this. People avoid the boy. Nello gets no more milk to sell.


Grandfather dies and Nello has no income. The two friends soon find themselves on the street.

When Nello learns that he has not won the competition, he lies disappointed on the cold floor of the cathedral on Christmas Eve. He dies with Patrasche in his arms while the moonlight softly illuminates Rubens' famous works.

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